AK Durable Supply

AK is a watersports brand from Cape Town, producing technical components and accessories built for comfort, durability, and performance.

We are all masters of our own desire, in search of the perfect day, place, and moment to unleash our energy. This is why we spend our time chasing wind and waves, pushing the limits of ourselves, and our gear. Our aim is to create products that become an extension of ourselves, progressively integrating our bodies into the elements, until we work as one.

AK, part of the Starboard Group, was initiated by the creative and technical minds behind the Solar Station Design company in Cape Town; a small collective of creators and innovators that have been crafting products for the surf, wake, and wind sports industry for 25 years. We work to forge a new path in high performance, durable, and essential design that resonates with a crew of like-minded riders.

The first products were developed in 2018 by Clinton Filen, Graham Wiles, and Dean Freedberg, along with a few additions in more recent years, like Dave Kay, and Craig Tompkins.

In 2019, South African surfer Dale Staples, Hawaiian waterman Zane Schweitzer, Canadian Kiteboarding Champion Jack Reider, and Spanish champ Kiko Roig Torres, formed the nucleus of the early team riders. Since then, we’ve formed a tight-knit collective of free surfers, kiters, and foil riders who have all helped drive the brand forward…