Kite Canopy repairs –

When it comes to kite repairs, canopy damage often looks catastrophic but is usually the easiest to fix. I offer neat and subtle canopy repairs using high quality UV resistant ripstop and thread, matching the kite as best as possible.

Using methods I developed in house, I can achieve perfect alignment, ensuring that the kite flies as good as new.

Kite leading edge and strut repairs –

More technical kite repairs to structural areas of the wing often require unpicking of the leading edge and strut tubes.

Whether it’s small scuffs, seam bulges or full-on blowouts, I have a lot of experience in fixing it. Again I colour match as best as possible, and use high quality Dacron and UV resistant thread.

About me:

After 15 years working in and around the kitesurf industry, in sales, tuition, marketing and carrying out R&D and testing for various kite brands, I noticed that with increasing kite prices, people are far more willing to repair kites instead of replace them.

In 2010 I trained with a sailmaker, and kite repair has become a large part of my workload. Alongside fixing kites and wings I also work as a journalist as Technical Editor for both The Kite Mag and Foiling Magazine. I also head up the Ultimate Test, which is the most comprehensive cross brand kite testing operation globally, so please feel assured I am in contact with the most cutting edge equipment on the market and can give hands on advice with any products I sell from my shop.

As I’ve gained experience over the last decade, I’ve developed repair methods unique to my business. Refining both equipment used and my skill set, and I am confident they are amongst the most accurate and strong out there.

I offer strong, subtle repairs to all brands of inflatable kites, and now wing surf sails, and offer a one or two day turn around for most repairs getting you back on the water as quickly as possible. Feel confident I can get your kite back flying just as well as the manufacturer intended, and in some cases much stronger!

On top of this I can fix bladders and valves, make bridles to order, re-sleeve kite lines, and produce flying lines to order. Have a look at the other sections of the site for more information, and examples of my work.

Richard Boughton