Replacement Custom Kitesurf Bridles –

I can splice and sew dyneema to make any length of replacement bridle line, pigtails or attachment points. I use higher spec material than most manufacturers use in the factory meaning these consumable parts require less regular replacement.

You name it, I can clone it and usually it’s cheaper and stronger than from the manufacturer.

Optionally I can also add failsafe cores to these lines so if you do wear through the line, you can limp back to the beach and not end up with a looping kite.

If your flying line sleeving has worn through or you have snapped lines I can resleeve them and give them the same sewn finish you would expect from the factory.

I can also shorten bar and line sets to any length, and build extensions, with loop or knot terminations.

I can also make up cored chicken loop ropes.

custom kitesurf bridles