“Whilst kiting abroad my C4 suffered a tear spanning from LE to tail and also tore width-ways just for good measure. Fellow kiters on the beach felt the kite was kaput but I wasn’t too concerned as I knew where to send it for repair. Thanks to Rich, the kite now flies good as new. As an added bonus the repair is also very aesthetically pleasing, it’s very hard to tell where it was once torn clean in two!”

– Steven, Kites mostly in Sussex and Devon/Cornwall

“Finally got a chance to take out the 14m torch you repaired on Sunday. Was down in Marazion and got a chance to take it out. The repair is 100%, no leaks or problems with it. Was out for about 2 hours and it flew beautifully! Thanks for the repair work! Top notch job!”

– Hugh – Ireland

“The Kite Barn is a superb kite repair service. Incredibly efficient, fast and good value service from a really friendly guy. What Rich can do with a sewing machine is amazing, with great attention to detail on precision matching patterns and colours. I have actually saved money with line and bridle repairs as Kite Barn has been much cheaper than buying branded spares and actually I have found that the replacements have in many cases been better than the originals. Thoroughly recommended.”

– Robert Clover – Ledstone

“Great service, the repair was done quickly and professionally and once complete it was virtually impossible to see. I would definitely send my damaged kites here in the future!”

– Ramsay Allen, Plymouth