Kitesurf Bladder Repairs –

From slow leaks and dubious seams, to huge blow outs, I can sort it. I use a mixture of techniques including self adhesive repairs, PU glue and impact heatsealing to ensure a permanent and safe repair.

I also do valve replacement for leaky, delaminating or brittle valves which can be replaced very sucessfully. Nearly any valve types can be sourced and re-attached as good as new, giving you back confidence in your equipment.

Sometimes bladders are beyond economical repair or the material has perished and new replacements are the best course of action. These can be sourced, refitted and tested.

If it’s an older model and spares are not available, we can also build bladders completely from scratch.

I have facilities to leave kites fully inflated for long periods to fully test bladder repairs.

I have a great relationship with U-Stick over in Holland, they manufacture bladders for any kite. If your bladder is from a more obscure manufacturer or just completely non repairable, I can send it off to them and get it cloned. They can also supply me with any valve type on the market for more specific kite bladder repairs.

kite bladder repair

kitesurf bladder repairs