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Kite Hydrofoil: La(i)rd Hamilton

Time to mix it up the locations and head down to the usual stomping ground of Bantham. Grockle season has passed – the beach is empty. There’s a decent four foot swell running (more than I wanted / expected) with a few of the local surfers out in the light onshore on long boards at high […]

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Kite Hydrofoil Day 4: Boat foiling

Good friend and my boat co-owner Phil way (father of Harry Way who is a national level freestyle junior) took the plunge and bought a Dwarfcraft/NF2 combo, in the meantime the smaller masts have arrived and the wind forecast diminished to that of a dubious hangover fart. So with the calmest of calm seas, we […]

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Kite Hydrofoil Day 3: Hydrofailing no more

I return to local hot spot, South Milton, it’s 8-10 knots. I launch my 16m JN MrF3 mono strut, 27m lines. I am recovering from a virus, therefore a bit flappy for the first five minutes or so. Then, all of a sudden something clicked big time (I am not sure what) and off I […]

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Kite Hydrofoil Day 2: Light wind debacle

Session 2 I return to South Milton again the next morning, it’s changeover day so it’s pretty quiet. The wind is super light, maybe 6-8 knots and dropping. I rig my trusty light wind machine, a 16m JN MRF3 mono strut on longer 27m lines. This is a very stable light wind kite with quite […]


Kite Hydrofoil Day 1: Yes, it’s quite hard

There’s no denying I am quite late to the hydrofoil party, with racers adopting it two or three years ago after the whole Olympic debacle and the discipline gradually working it’s way into the main stream with the kite manufacturers over the last year. I’ve purposefully held off getting one, as I had an ACL […]